Mission and Vision	IISC

Mission and Vision IISC


Objectives & Aims: 

The main objective & aim of 115 seem to confirm the highest quality education of national curriculum so that the students can make them capable to the present challenging world. 

School Environment:

Along with eligible Teachers, there is a great need of education support environment to give effective education. Infrastructural environment of school, the relation among teachers, students guardians and internal with external environment of school must be in the favor of education. Considering the above facts, 115 is situated to its won permanent building. 

English Version Class Program:

Primary and Secondary education is the whole life basement of a student the more stronger this basement, the more self confident the student will be In the struggle of life. 

From this thinking, the authority has taken steps to teach National education through English. So, All books are in English in the class except the board selected Bengali subject. 

:if 115 - Time table: 

a) playgroup - Class-I :8.00AM - 10.15AM b)Class II - ClassVI : 10.15AM - 2.00PM 

Course Plan:

Course plans are made class wise by the expert teachers at the beginning of the year. Through dividing the text books Into three parts, the teaching Is given according to academic calendar. Through the knowledge of education science, the course wise teaching is done to confirm not to be the extra pressure but to complete just in time. 


The faculty of teachers is made through the capable, brilliant & generous teachers of the top level public universities. These teachers are trained to be more capable through giving demonstration by well known home & abroad teachers. Besides this, to develop professional qualification, training & evaluating activities are done with prizing. 


To make the teaching attractive & effective, participatory method is applied. As a result, the students become more attractive & willing to the teaching. More importance is given to project & practical Method in the time of science & Geography class. Action research, after finding the cause, and special short I long term counseling are taken to make the inattentive & falling behind students become attentive to the study. 


According to calendar, there are three full term exams along with annual exam. Without this, to Justify the improvement of the student, several 20 mark exams are taken in each month. 5 marks is destined to the presence, discipline & hand writing of student. 

Uniform & Identity Card:

There is fixed uniform of school's own. Student must wear the fixed uniform of school in class. 10 card is given to all students from school & it is compulsory to keep 10 card with himself I herself in the school campus. 


To awake the dormant talent of the students, co-educatlonat activities are available to the school. There are debating club, science club, language club & reading club to express the creative & organizational ability of the students. With inter school & inter class competition, national & international competitions arranged by different organizations are also available here. Besides these, study tour, picnic & annual sport competition are available to participate. 


After publishing each term result, this day is held on the suitable day of any days fixed before. All guardians are invited to the occasion. On this day, the guardians can speak frankly about student's study, behavior, mentality & also provide valuable opinions about the school & these opinions are evaluated with much more importance. 

Prizing & Scholarship:

There are the systems of prizing & scholarship to the student for outstanding successes. In case, these students are congratulated through special functions. 

At Conclusion:

115 believes in the development of friendly student teacher relation, the cause, we think, it Is possible to develop actual talent & mind through the deep good student teacher relation. 

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